Tori Sparks is an American singer-songwriter living in Barcelona, Spain. She is known for her unconventional lyrics and her blending of folk, rock, and blues influences. Her sixth album, La Huerta, is a collaboration with flamenco fusion trio Calamento.


Tori Sparks, Calamento and El Rubio released a limited-edition vinyl version of their new album La Huerta on April 22nd in honor of Record Store Day 2017.  The vinyl records are available for sale only in independent record stores, or online. Tori presented the vinyl with live acoustic performances at her two favorite local record stores, Revolver Records and Surco Records in Barcelona. Watch the live interview with Tori on BTV discussing the importance of RSD and the vinyl format as well as the musical journey that lead her to make the album La Huerta. (Interview in Spanish).

Press for La Huerta

"When a formula really works, it's worth it to keep exploring it a second time around [with La Huerta]. Without fear and without asking permission. With El Mar (2014), the American singer-songwriter Tori Sparks created something truly excellent… Passionate. Fierce. Powerful. Concepts that are often lost in this world plagued with insipid, soulless music." –DirtyRock

"Tori Sparks is a 'rare bird,' who honed her skills on the Nashville circuit and landed in Barcelona five years ago, with only her guitar for company… the result of this journey is La Huerta, an unclassifiable album that seeks to make the connection between Camarón de la Isla and Led Zeppelin, and against all odds, it does so. A mestizo project with a rock'n'roll soul, which attracts a public and guest artists refreshingly free of hangups." –La Vanguardia

"[Tori Sparks + Calamento] smash traditional concepts of genre, and push the group's daring mix of musical flavors into even further into uncharted territory."TimeOut Barcelona

"Tori Sparks continues to experiment with new sounds without sacrificing the unique combination of styles that won them fans the world over with El Mar." –SoloRock

"First came El Mar (2014), and now, La Huerta, an album in which Tori Sparks crafts a mix between the American singer-songwriter genre with flamenco palos, offering us via her beautiful voice songs born in Chicago and raised up in Nashville with a flavor from the south of Spain. She bravely went all-in in these past few years: Changed country, changed languages, and reinvented her musical style." –El Periodico

Photo: Serge Yablonsky

Photo: Serge Yablonsky

"Tori Sparks is almost a flamenco singer. Almost, because she halls from Nashville (Tennessee), the Music City, and doesn't do orthodox flamenco. Her fusion isn't limited just to musical styles; in addition, it boasts various particularities, startingwith the fact that her albums are bilingual (English - Spanish). And live on stage? Emotive, joyful. Full of subtleties, like her music." Qualsevolnit

"Born in Chicago and toughened up on the Nashville circuit, Tori Sparks was, per se, a name to be reckoned with, an artists to be taken very seriously. But it was through her collaboration with the group Calamento in El Mar (2014) that she rose to the level of a 'must-know' artist for any real music lover. With a courage and strong integrity stemming her artistic conviction, she won me over from the start… In La Huerta, Tori Sparks reinforces the emotional web she move with El Mar, though with even more energy and poise, if that's possible. A torrential force that enchants and caresses with its almost animal sensuality. La Huerta is, in short, a great place to get lost for an hour. " –RockSesion

"American rock and blues singer-songwriter Tori Sparks, who left Nashville for Barcelona five years ago, presents us with her sixth album, La Huerta (2017), where she continues to experiment and push the musical envelope. Her concert with the full band in Clamores promises to be an unforgettable night. You don't want to miss it!" –TimeOut Madrid

"The North American singer Tori Sparks, settled in Barcelona for five years now, has demonstrated time and time again that she is not daunted, not by anyone or anything... With a powerful, personal, expressive voice that rings out clear and unencumbered, guitars that leap across the aural spectrum from acoustic to electric, and arrangements that mix fusion with flamenco, make this album a Pandora's box of delightful surprises." –Diario Abierto

"To get up there on stage is, definitively, to open yourself and your style up to public scrutiny -- it's to take a risk and bare your soul, and this is definitely the case in a Tori Sparks concert.  The arrangements… speak with a sound of their own, infused with incomparable golden voice of Tori... it's precisely this kind of cultural hybrid that allows music to grow, to evolve, discovering new sonic landscapes."  –Free World

"I have to admit it, I'm not usually a fan of fusion projects. The usual custom is to take the most digestible parts of several genres and mix them, and then, in an attempt to look for a new market and/or please the whole world, they fall into the same cliches that they are supposedly trying to avoid. For that reason, La Huerta, the sixth album by Tori Sparks (American singer living in Barcelona), surprised me for the better. Mixing American folk, rock, and roots music with Mediterranean sounds (fundamentally flamenco, but not only that), is not a simple task, but the lady from Nashville does it well. With a warm and elegant sound and a dead-on choice of material… in La Huerta we find an artist in her full glory who is on the scene to stay. Without a doubt one of the strong points of the album is its impeccable production by Sparks herself, which paints in light and shadow every detail of a great creative journey, at times recalling the magnificent work of Javier Limón with the singer Andrés Calamaro… Icaro Lavia wrote about [Sparks'] album release concert in Barcelona: "Tori Sparks sings with that made-in-America attitude that causes her to seem like the empress of the whole world."  Amén." –Muzikalia

"An American woman who heads a flamenco fusion band in Barcelona, who even attempts her own versions of Led Zepplin's 'Kashmir' or the almost untouchable song 'La Leyenda Del Tiempo,' forever associated with the cantaor Camarón? Admittedly, the reviewer was skeptical, but from the first notes of the album [La Huerta], the sixth by singer-songwriter Tori Sparks, I was happy to stand corrected... the skillful instrumentation makes even her cover songs more powerful than their original versions." Folker (Germany)