Tori Sparks’  new live album 'Wait No More’ is in stores now

“Tori Sparks is an adventurer.” - Rolling Stone


Tori Sparks is an American singer-songwriter living in Barcelona, Spain. She is known for her unconventional lyrics and her blending of folk, rock, and blues influences. Her sixth album, La Huerta, is a collaboration with flamenco fusion trio Calamento.



NEW LIve ALBUM WAIT NO MORE in stores now

Click on the album cover to listen

Click on the album cover to listen

“TORI Sparks is an ADVENTURER”


Click to watch the music video for “Wait No More.”

Exclusive “Wait No More” Music Video on Radio3 + Rave Reviews (13 July, 2019)
The new music video for Tori Sparks’ single “Wait No More” was officially released in an exclusive first look by national radio Radio3 on July 11th. Watch the video here.

The tours and official release concerts for the new live album Wait No More in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, and Girona have been huge successes: “Daring, vivid… revelatory from an artist who is both fragile and wild,” says the El Periodico review of the show.

Check out more reviews and photos of the shows by and Enderrock — as well as from the band’s Germany and Holland tour — on Facebook. (If you missed the shows, check out the video of some of the songs from the Record Store Day 2019 in-store performance.)

Both the vinyl version and the double CD version of Wait No More are available at the online store, and at local record stores in your city. Summer tour festivals and tour dates are online now.

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Click above to see the new video “Wait No More.” Recorded live at Luz de Gas, filmed and edited by Kepa Gainza (Apek Films).


"In these times of uncertainty and half-measures, it is a beautiful thing to come face to face to an artist who has a clear vision… This is not a live album. It's THE live album... A lean, taught LP with no filler, in which [Sparks] combines diverse musical styles with style, grit, and pure inspiration.”
-Alfred Crespo, Ruta66

“A flawless live album with a clear, rich sound... as composer and performer, [Sparks] has crafted a unique and unusual fusion.”
-Esteban Linés, La Vanguardia

"The American singer-songwriter Tori Sparks, who sings both in English and Spanish, is a perfect example of how diversity enriches rock and roll. Not only does this album showcase the power of her voice and her strength as a live performer. "
-Luis Picabia, El Diario Abierto

"It is definitely worth paying attention to the evolution of Tori Sparks… who has developed her own universe of sound, combining her rock, blues and folk roots with with Latin and flamenco influences. She is daring, and forges her own richly creative musical path, though what stands out above all is the pure charisma of Tori Sparks herself. In these times of disposable music and childish performers, her mature voice, her vivid presence onstage… an artist who is both delicate and wild.“
-Jordi Bianciotto, El Periodico

"There are dates that absolutely must be marked on the calendar, and the live recording of a Tori Sparks album is one of those dates.… [Tori] pulled put all the stops, displaying all her artistry and that of a band that is worth its weight in gold… Impressive.”
-Federico Navarro, Popular1

"Sparks bewitched an audience that reveled in her music as if there were no tomorrow… [Sparks] has created a combination of sounds that is so natural… this whole city has fallen in love with her. Sublime."
-Manual Alférez, La Hormigonera Rock

"Title track “Wait No More” is a great song, the crown jewel of an album which contains 20 songs of different rhythms and styles, but which all fit perfectly together both thematically and musically… Highly recommended."
-Jose Lopez, No Solo Cine

Indescribable and incredibly beautiful… This album is blues and rock as well as flamenco, and at the same time it is none of these things. Even if you’re not a fan of these styles of music,  you’ll still probably love this album. The voice of Tori Sparks gets under your skin, it touches your heart. This is World Music at its very best.”
-Fredi Hallauer, Musik Global

"Tori Sparks, the multi-talented singer-songwriter born in Illinois and living in Barcelona, has been producing incredibly substantial albums for more than a decade, mixing styles and musical textures through her own powerful songbook, as well as drawing on the heritage of using popular cultural, which she assimilates with a natural grace that is awesome to behold… A beautiful tapestry of influences, exquisitely woven by the artistry of this woman who exists purely in her own musical territory."
-Luis Moner, Muzikalia