Tori Sparks is an American singer-songwriter living in Barcelona, Spain. She is known for her unconventional lyrics and her blending of folk, rock, and blues influences. Her sixth album, La Huerta, is a collaboration with flamenco fusion trio Calamento.

Tori Sparks La Huerta Album Cover (2017).png

La Huerta

(Glass Mountain Records, 2017)   ENG/CAS

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"Tori Sparks is a rare bird, who honed her skills on the Nashville circuit and landed in Barcelona five years ago, with only her guitar for company… the result of this journey is La Huerta, an unclassifiable album that seeks to make the connection between Camarón de la Isla and Led Zeppelin, and against all odds, it does so. A mestizo project with a rock'n'roll soul, which attracts a public and guest artists refreshingly free of hangups." –La Vanguardia 

"Tori unites force, talent, emotion, and her always innovative spirit. It leaves a lasting impression… extremely high caliber." –Ruta66

"[Tori Sparks + Calamento] smash traditional concepts of genre, and push the group's daring mix of musical flavors into even further into uncharted territory. [Tori Sparks] continues to experiment with new sounds without sacrificing the unique combination of styles that won them fans the world over with El Mar."
–TimeOut Barcelona