Tori Sparks’  new live album 'Wait No More’ is available now

“Tori Sparks is an adventurer.” - Rolling Stone


Tori Sparks is an American singer-songwriter living in Barcelona, Spain. She is known for her unconventional lyrics and her blending of folk, rock, and blues influences. Her sixth album, La Huerta, is a collaboration with flamenco fusion trio Calamento.

'The Scorpion in the Story' (CD)


'The Scorpion in the Story' (CD)

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"Con el actitud de Chrissie Hynde, la tristeza de Martha Davis en The Motels, y la sensualidad pura de Margo Timmins de los Cowboy Junkies, Tori Sparks es verdaderamente una de las artistas más originales que he escuchado en mucho, mucho tiempo. " Music News Nashville (EE.UU.)

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  • CD Audio (4 Junio 2009)

  • Fecha Original de Lanzamiento: 2011

  • Numero de Discos: 1

  • Discográfica: Glass Mountain Records

  • Arte del digipak incluye mapa de las canciones


1. Tall Towers
2. Blue Tattoo
3. Penny on a Rail
4. Days and Days and Nights
5. Easy and Slow
6. Merry Go-Round
7. Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm
8. Leaving Side of Love
9. Elephant in the Room
10. Rubbernecking
11. Little Wrecking Ball
12. Tiger's Mouth
13. Background Music
14. Le Manege