Tori Sparks’  new live album 'Wait No More’ is in stores now

“Tori Sparks is an adventurer.” - Rolling Stone


Tori Sparks is an American singer-songwriter living in Barcelona, Spain. She is known for her unconventional lyrics and her blending of folk, rock, and blues influences. Her sixth album, La Huerta, is a collaboration with flamenco fusion trio Calamento.

'Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark' (CD)


'Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark' (CD)

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This is a major work here and is as deserving of a broad based audience as much as anything I have heard… I don’t think it took me even a full listen for me to judge this as one of the better albums of the year.”
Folkworld (Germany)

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Detalles del Producto

  • CD Audio (16 Agosto 2011)

  • Fecha de Lanzamiento Original: 2011

  • Numero de Discos: 2

  • Digipak doble incluye libreto de 12 paginas

  • Discográfica: Glass Mountain Records


Disco: 1
1. Rain (The Widow)
2. Mama
3. On My Mind
4. Until Morning
5. Wake-Up Call
6. Quizás Quizás Quizás
7. Over


Disco: 2
1. My Delilah
2. Judge a Book
3. Tennessee Line
4. The Sea and the Sand
5. There is an Ocean
6. Letter to a Wretch #2
7. Come Out of the Dark